Speaking at last week's Develop conference in Brighton, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton told VideoGamer.com that the developer will return to its much loved Conker franchise at some point.

"We'd be stupid if we didn't, like we have done with Banjo, if we didn't have Conker back at some point," said Burton. "But to continually do sequel after sequel after sequel for something is hard on the team because they get locked into a sequel mentality, so they don't do new things necessarily. And that can be bad for your staff in general, that can be bad just for morale... it's better to let things have a hiatus for a while."

The foul-mouthed rodent is most famous for his N64 outing, Coker's Bad Fur Day, released on the N64 in 2001. He also appeared on the Xbox in Conker: Live & Reloaded, an enhanced port of the N64 title featuring overhauled single-player, all-new multiplayer and hugely improved visuals.

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