by on Oct 2, 2018

Randy Pitchford’s former personal assistant scammed him out of almost $3 million

Gearbox head honcho Randy Pitchford has revealed that a Texan man working as his personal assistant has conned him and his wife out of nearly three million dollars. 

John Wright Martin, 33, began working for Pitchfords back in 2014, and according to the Dallas News, earned an annual salary of $45,000. However, Martin started to make several purchases using his employer's American Express business account, including expensive clothing, jewelry, electronics, movie rentals, and other items.

In addition, Martin forked out a massive $591,000 on a property in Frisco, as well as making a $10,000 donation to The Trevor Project charity. The fraudster is also reported to have faked at least seven cheques on Kristy Pitchford's accounts worth more than $73,000.

The Pitchfords initially noticed something was wrong in September 2016, when a restaurant business operated by Kristy posted insufficient funds in the payroll account to cover staff wages.

Martin was contacted by Kristy, who said it was a mixup and claimed he would pay them back. In March the following year, Martin signed a contract that acknowledged 'the wrongfulness of his actions' and promised to repay $780,000. However, a cheque he wrote out for $598,000 that same month bounced. 

'We keep finding stuff,' said the Gearbox boss, adding, 'As much damage as he did, he didn't destroy us.' 

Martin's whereabouts are currently unknown after he failed to defend against a lawsuit the Pitchfords filed against him for breach of contract, fraud, and theft. As a result, they were awarded over $2 million plus legal fees in a summary judgment. 


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