Speaking to VideoGamer.com at a recent Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway press event, Gearbox Software president and CEO Randy Pitchford has defended the Unreal Engine 3 against recent criticism.

In a conference call last month, Midway CEO David Zucker cited problems in getting the Unreal Engine 3 up and running on the PS3 as the reason for the delays to a number of key titles using the engine - notably Stranglehold and Blacksite.

"We love Unreal Engine. It's an outstanding piece of technology. Where we've used it as it's come, it's been solid and secure for us. It's great multiplatform technology, so we can run on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

"I've seen some of the stuff on the internet about the problems and I don't know if these developers are maybe new, or not used to using other people's technology or if they've gotten too many inexperienced developers or they're just cry-babies. I just don't know," said Pitchford.

He then went on to further praise Unreal Engine 3, noting: "If I were going to do that technology myself I'd have to spend another two years on my game and spend a lot more time and money, and that's bad, and that's not good for gamers."

Pitchford also revealed that Hell's Highway will more than match Epic Games' own Gears of War in the visual department.

"The Epic guys are brilliant. They've been optimising the engine, and just what they've provided performs better and has new features that Gears of War never did, and then there's what our engineers have been able to do on top. Some of this allows us to have features you haven't seen before, and have more visual fidelity and higher performance than you've seen before.

"That's a nice advantage of what licensees of the technology can have; they can piggyback on what Epic have done and even push it further."

Check back tomorrow for the full Interview, where the Gearbox CEO discusses multiplayer and how Hell's Highway is going to outdo Halo 3. For more on Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway check out our previous coverage.