Upcoming Xbox 360, PS3 and PC military FPS Rainbow Six Vegas 2 "is possible" on the Nintendo Wii, its developer has said.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com in an interview published elsewhere on the site, Vegas 2 developer Philippe Therien, from Ubisoft Montreal, said "I would never say never" when asked if a Wii version of the tactical shooter could come to the Wii.

He said: "I would never say never. It's possible. The controller is certainly there to try and do it. Although it's not planned right now. If there was a plan I would give it a shot. Yeah, sure, why not!"

He added: "The Wii Remote really looks like something cool for shooters, so yeah absolutely".

Therien's comments will come as some shock to Wii owners who have grown used to last-gen graphics. We're not sure how Rainbow Six Vegas 2 might look on the Wii, but we're very interested nonetheless.

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