by on Dec 19, 2019

Rainbow Six Siege creators moving on to new project

Ubisoft has announced that the development team behind Rainbow Six Siege has moved on to other projects (via VG24/7).

Creative director Xavier Marquis and brand director Alexandre Remy are taking a number of core team members with them onto something new. The two creative leads have steered Rainbow Six Siege from its initial launch through to its excellently supported current form.

There isn’t much word on what the team will focus on next, but in the announcement, the two leads made it clear that their presence was no longer needed for the game’s success. Marquis said, “There was a time during which the game was depending heavily on us, during its genesis at the beginning. But now the game has an extra piece. It is kind of a sphere, there is the game and its community.”

Along with that news, it was also made clear in the announcement that Rainbow Six Siege isn’t going anywhere. The game’s senior community developer, Craig Robinson, said, “Leroy and the new core team have learned so much from Alex, Xavier and the rest. Leroy has a vision for the future of Rainbow Six Siege that everyone here in the studio is very excited about.”


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