Go to Argos, or your local market, and you'll see them. Atari have done it, there's a Nintendo version lurking around, and another Sega Mega Drive one lurking around. It's the classic games straight onto your TV craze gone mad. The systems, which are shaped as the original consoles' joysticks, plug straight into your TV, thereby making them simple to use. Kids love 'em.

And to further bleed this particular concept dry, Radica Games Limited are to be bringing out two Sega Mega Drive packages. The two on offer are:

Arcade Legends Sega Mega Drive Sensible Soccer Plus, which contains Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania, and Arcade Legends Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition, which contains the Street Fighter title and - lucky us - a bonus game (Ghouls and Ghosts).

The Street Fighter package will include two joypads for some frantic brawling-action, and is due sometime in March. The Sensible package will also feature two pads and will hit retail around May. Both will be priced at £29.99.

Speaking of the announcements, Pat Feely, President and CEO, Radica Games Limited had this to say, "Street Fighter II broke ground and revolutionised fighting games. In keeping with the game's spirit and what made it so very unique, this Play TV Legends game utilises dual controllers as part of Radica's modern take on plug-in video game entertainment."

Mr Feely also spoke of the Sensible bundle, "Sensible Software was one of the most important video game development houses of the nineties, creating fun, highly playable games and building a huge following. By re-launching their classic titles in an accessible plug and play format, Radica will be appealing to those original fans and taking a fantastic gaming experience to a whole new audience."

Ignoring the fact that £60 would more than likely buy you an actual Sega Mega Drive and more than the five games available if you hunt around, the compact nature of the devices - plus the quality of the titles - will probably ensure they sell well.

Now, if they released a Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter II, then we'd be talking..

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