In what's looking increasingly likely to be an elaborate stunt for Metal Gear Solid 5, we'll finally be given answers about The Phantom Pain at GDC later this month, Moby Dick Studios has revealed.

In an interview with GTTV, Joakim Mogrin, the 'Head CEO' of Moby Dick, confirmed that a new trailer of the game will be released at the show, and that all the secrets surrounding the mysterious title will be revealed.

"This year's GDC show, I will have a new Phantom Pain trailer and I can confirm that it will answer all your questions," Mogrin said, while wrapped in a head bandage.

Screenshots shown during the interview also appeared to confirm that the game will be built with Kojima Productions' Fox Engine.

Theories suggest that The Phantom Pain, which was revealed at last year's Video Game Awards, could be Metal Gear Solid 5 - the two biggest clues being Joakim's name (Joakim is an anagram of Kojima), and indentations in the logo appearing to align with the title Metal Gear Solid V.

But who exactly is Joakim Mogrin?

Well, one theory that cropped up overnight suggests that he could actually be Cliff Bleszinski in disguise, who left Epic Games last October.

The 'pair' tweeted each other after the interview was aired in response to the speculation, before Bleszinski retweeted an image of himself wrapped in a head bandage.

Source: YouTube