Reality bending puzzler Quantum Conundrum, the new title from Portal designer Kim Swift, is now available in demo form via Steam.

We're not sure what content is featured in the demo, but according to our review it's very much worth a look.

Last month Martin concluded: "Wait a second! I've managed to go six whole paragraphs without mentioning Portal, which is a happy coincidence because once you get stuck into the finer parts of Quantum Conundrum your memories of Aperture do start to dissolve away. But they will always come back. Quantum Conundrum is a fine adventure with a mechanically competent series of puzzles, and I definitely recommend it, but while the game has got plenty of brain it doesn't have nearly enough heart."

Quantum Conundrum is priced £9.99 on Steam, and will arrive on PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade on July 10 and 11, respectively.