The lack of backwards compatibility support for many of the Xbox's best titles has been one of the biggest aggravations to those making the leap to the Xbox 360. Psychonauts is once such quality title that isn't currently compatible with the Xbox 360. This fact troubled the game's creator so much that he made a public appeal to fans of the game, asking them to write to Microsoft telling the platform holder to make the game backwards compatible.

While unlikely to be a result of the fan letters, an email reply to a fan of the game from Alan Stuart, Emulation Ninja, has revealed that the ninjas are hard at work on updating the backwards compatibility, and that Psychonauts is a game they are working on.

"We are working feverishly toward updating the backward-compatibility as best we can... Rest assured, we are working on Psychonauts," reads the email.

Obviously the next question is when this update will be available, if it becomes available at all. Stuart contacted Pro-G, informing us that "even though we [the ninjas] are working on Psychonauts, there is no guarantee we will ever be able to make the game backward compatible. We may run into technical limitations that will prevent us from ever shipping the game; we don't know yet."

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