Psychonauts 2
by on Jul 19, 2021

Psychonauts 2’s story trailer dazzles us with the ol’ Raz-mataz

A new story trailer has landed for upcoming cerebral-exploration adventure Psychonauts 2 offering up more insight into Raz’ upcoming first day on the job as an agent of the mind.

Now Raz is a fully-fledged recruit following the events of the 2005 original, his first day proves just as eventful. Uncovering a dark conspiracy to bring down the organisation from within, Raz will have to deal with returning enemies and new ones as he seeks to thwart the machinations of Maligula. She’s a supposedly dead psychic murderer, and one of the Psychonauts’ earliest foes. It seems dark forces are afoot to somehow finish what she started and resurrect her to bring Raz and his fellow mind-Agents down once and for all.

Raz won’t be alone, of course. The trailer shows us plenty of familiar faces returning, including Coach Oleander, Sasha Nein, Milla Vodello, Lili Zanotto and more. But with former foe-turned-ally Dr Loboto also returning and a conspiracy on the cards, Raz is going to have to question who he’s able to trust to help him. If that wasn’t drama enough, it seems his circus-performer family have also turned up, which is mighty inconvenient since it was they he ran away from to initially join the fabled Psychonauts in the first game.

Check out the Psychonauts 2 story trailer for yourself below. The game launches on August 25 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 (via backwards compatibility), PlayStation 4 and PC. It’ll also be available on Day One on Xbox Game Pass.


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Psychonauts 2

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