by on Dec 22, 2017

Psychonauts 2 gets delayed out of 2018

Tim Schafer and Double Fine’s next crowdfunded project, Psychonauts 2 is coming along well; having recently put together a playable slice showing off the sequel’s 3D platforming action. However, it seems it needs a little more time in the oven as despite us still being a few days away from 2018, it won’t make it out for its original estimation of sometime in that year.

Announcing the news in their end of year update on Fig, Double Fine said ‘Now we are in full swing, we know a lot more about the size and scope of the game we are going to make, how long it will take us to make it, and the amount of time we need to make it be great. From those projections we know that Psychonauts 2 will not be shipping in 2018, like we originally estimated when we published the Fig campaign two years ago.’

In more positive news from the update, the team has added Raz’s family, known as The Aquato Family. They only showed up in a brief memory vault in the first game, but the sequel will see their presence expanded greatly. You can see this and much more in the update video for the project, which we’ve embedded below.

There’s no new timeframe set for Psychonauts 2 as of yet, but it’s projected to release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 whenever it does.  


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