Atari has announced that it will distribute Mercury Games' forthcoming PSP title, Warriors of the Lost Empire, in the UK.

Warriors of the Lost Empire will combine hack and slash action with RPG, with players hired to reclaim the citadel. They'll be plenty of fighting, exploration and cunning skill needed as players battle through a multitude of dungeons while edging closer to the truth about the mysterious citadel.

Players can hack 'n slash on their own or team up with a friend using the PSP's wireless functionality. Four different characters are on offer, each possessing individual skills such as the close combat force of the barbarian and the mystical sorcerer's magic.

Along the journey players will also have plenty of customisation options for both their character and weapons: more than 150 weapons to collect with more available by combining weapons at a blacksmiths.

Warriors of the Lost Empire is scheduled for release in the UK this November.