PSN Dev warns Sony will lose developers over PSN hack

PSN Dev warns Sony will lose developers over PSN hack
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In an interview with IndustryGamers PixelJunk developer Q-Games’s Dylan Cuthbert has stated Sony will lose PSN developers thanks to their lack of support during PSN’s downtime.

“I have no idea yet what Sony are going to do to help developers such as ourselves,” Cuthbert said, “but I have a feeling they are thinking about doing something or they will lose developers which of course is pretty bad for them.”

His comments echo Capcom’s recent announcement that it is losing hundreds of thousands, if not millions from the PlayStation Network outage. It is still unknown if Sony will compensate companies losing revenue.

So far Sony has reportedly only contacted developers to say they’re working on a fix to correct the security breach, but this downtime could have a significant effect on PSN developers.