The reason we've seen a few PS4 titles delayed from their planned release dates is because the console is able to offer so much, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told PlayStation LifeStyle.

Driveclub was promised for the launch of PS4 in November 2013, but will now arrive this October. Similarly The Order was expected to launch this holiday season, but will now appear in February 2015.

"I apologise for some of the games we pushed back, but when people ask me "We've been saying the PS4 is very easy to develop for, why are teams taking time?" The reason is, it's very easy to develop games on the PS4, except that PS4 can do so much, that a team's ambition is much higher.

"What they are trying to achieve, they are challenging, y'know, something new. More realistic graphics, social connectivity, or seamless integration of single-player and multiplayer. And they are encountering new kinds of challenges, so they have to take more time than they anticipated.

"Luckily, more people are now more understanding and more accommodating for the needs of the development team. And they (gamers) say they'd rather wait to play the best game the team can make rather than play a rushed title."

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle