The transcript uncovered by 1UP revealed details of a deal between Sony and Xfire that would see a PlayStation 3 version of the online tool developed.

"Xfire just signed a deal with Sony to create a version of their platform for the new PS3, which will now enable Xfire to extend its reach further into the huge console gaming market," reads the transcript.

However, Sony has moved quickly to clarify the situation, stating that at this time Xfire is only being used in SOE's Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

"We can confirm that Sony Online Entertainment is in talks with Viacom and Xfire for a single, specific PS3 game," said a Sony spokesperson. "However, there are no announcements at this time regarding any discussions between SCEA, Viacom and Xfire."

SOE's Chris Kramer offered a similar statement: "This proposed deal is completely separate and independent from the PlayStation Network Platform, and is something that SOE was examining specifically for Dark Kingdom."

Very little has been revealed regarding Sony's online plans for the PlayStation 3, but with the Tokyo Game Show around the corner that could change pretty sharpish.