Paul Devlin by on Feb 5, 2007

PS3 is a “better machine” than Xbox 360

Despite claiming its new console is an Xbox 360 beater, Sony has admitted that it’s tough living up to the hype surrounding PS3.

In an interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly, Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton was bullish about how the company will be victorious in the next gen race. He said: “I think we’ve got a better machine. I think we’ve got a better business model and I think we’re going to win in the long term.”

But Tretton did stress that the phenomenal success of PlayStation 2 was a tough act to follow. “Because we’re in that leadership position there are a lot of expectations thrust upon us and some of them are a little unrealistic,” he explained.

“If we were a distant third in the platform race, people would have a warm spot in their hearts for the good old days of PlayStation and they’d actually root for us to get back on top. But I don’t know if we want to pay the price to get that kind of [love].”

Sony is aiming to ship 6 million PS3s worldwide by the end of March.


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