So accurate is the tracking of Sony's PlayStation Move motion controller that surgeons have likened the technology to $100,000 simulators used to carry out laparoscopic surgery.

Speaking to at a PS Move technology showcase last week, Sony's senior researcher Richard Marks said: "I was talking to some surgeons. They were talking about laparoscopic surgery simulators. They were saying this feels very much like their $100,000 simulators do for surgeons and they'd much rather do something at a lower cost."

Marks' comments followed a clear message that PS Move is not just for casual games.

"The focus is across the whole spectrum of PlayStation owners so it adds a very good casual control to our system but also because it has so much fidelity and precision it can do a lot of core experiences as well," explained Marks. "It's really intended not to just be for one audience."

Furthermore, Marks does not believe the advent of motion controllers will signal the end for traditional joypads.

"DualShock is a really good abstract device; there's lots of buttons and analogue sticks you can map to anything abstract," he said. "People really understand it and like it. I don't think you'll see this get replaced."

PlayStation Move is scheduled to launch in Europe on September 15, 2010. You'll find the full interview with Richard Marks right here.