Project M is a new “interactive movie” thriller from NCSoft -
Project M
Josh Wise by on Jun 7, 2022

Project M is a new “interactive movie” thriller from NCSoft

Project M is a new sci-fi thriller from Koren studio NCSoft, made in Unreal Engine 5, and it looks very pretty, indeed.

NCSoft revealed the game with the trailer below:

The (Google-translated) description reads:

“Discovering joy that unfolds with new possibilities of NC. Meet the trailer of Project M, currently under development.”

It seems like something that Quantic Dream would make, replete with quick-time events and branching possibilities. This a blog post about the game, on the NCSoft website,

“Project M is a new interactive movie that NC is developing as a console platform. An interactive movie is a genre in which the story development and ending of the game change according to the user’s manipulation and selection.

“With NC’s own technology, such as 3D scan, motion capture, and VFX (Visual Effects), the characters’ expressions and movements were implemented in detail. Based on Unreal Engine 5, you can enjoy high-quality graphics and directing power at the photo-realistic level.”

We don’t have any specific information about the game’s release. In the trailer, the button prompts that pop up during quick-time events are the PlayStation symbols. So we can presume that it will be heading to PlayStation 5 at least. Unreal Engine 5 does look very pretty, indeed. The Matrix Awakens really impressed me, though there wasn’t much to do other than fly around.


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