Insiders at the development studio NST have hinted to IGN that their current work-in-progress, Project H.A.M.M.E.R., has been brought to an end by Nintendo.

The game debuted in playable form at E3 2006, but the sources from NST suggest many of the staff working on the game have already been moved to other projects, including more 'casual' products.

As of yet, Nintendo have been unable to deny or confirm these rumours, and no reason has been given for the termination. It will certainly be a disappointment to see an interesting looking action game, which sees players wielding a huge war hammer with their Wii-mote, failing to get a release. The Wii is in great need of a wider range of 'full' games, as opposed to casual titles and mini-game compilations.

Currently, the game is still listed as TBA on Nintendo's official press site.