Project Aces has revealed that it already has "some ideas" for an Ace Combat title on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but that the direction the project takes could be based around the reaction to upcoming free-to-play dogfighter Ace Combat Infinity.

"The first thing we want to concentrate on is Ace Combat Infinity and making that a success," Infinity lead Kazutoki Kono told yesterday, "but speaking of next-gen, as a creator we believe that the next-gen consoles are very attractive and we do have some ideas on our end that we want to develop for the next-gen consoles.

"But right now we don't think that it's the right timing to sit on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One because we can't compare PS3 and PS4 when it hasn't come out yet. We're seeing what would be the right timing."

User feedback from Infinity will play a key part in whichever direction the next-generation title takes, Kono suggests - particularly when it comes to whether the game continues to use the new gameplay mechanics introduced in 2011's Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, or returns to the series traditional roots.

"[With] Ace Combat Infinity, we're moving back to the roots," Kono adds, "and if this is perceived well by the fans then maybe we'll take this root [for future titles]. But it totally depends on how the users react."

Kono later added that a "fun part" on working on the free-to-play title was "building the game... with the users as feedback. We can really interact with the users in developing what comes next after the F2P titles, so that connection is really nice."

Ace Combat Infinity, a free-to-play entry in the Ace Combat series, is due to launch on PlayStation 3 later this year with a beta due to launch prior to release. Namco has yet to announce its next-gen plans for the series.