Following literally quite a lot of complaints, Konami have finally got round to patching up some of the Xbox Live issues that have been plaguing PES 4 players for the past couple of months. Crippling lag, the inability to skip all replay sequences and suffering no rankings penalty for quitting games were just some of the complaints that fans of the series had about the Live incarnation of the latest in Konami's great series.

A football pitch

In particular, being able to quit a game without suffering any penalty has received an awful lot of forum vitriol. Being able to test your hard earned PES skills against the cream of Europe was one of the deciding factors in people moving away from the PS2 version and toward the Live compatible Xbox one and to have that experience all but nullified by cheating is something that many people will be loath to forget.

With the obligatory patch installed, some replays can be skipped, players who quit games will be awarded an automatic loss and much of the lag issue has apparently been resolved. This can only be good news of course but has it really affected the game? Initial Pro-G tests over the weekend suggest that the lag issue isn't really that much of an issue any more, nobody quit on us (although that may have had something to do with Pro-G being seen as a whipping boy) and those annoying goal celebrations were skipped through happily. So all is good then?

Well, not quite. Some quarters are still complaining of lag, offside and injury replays still can't be skipped and, perhaps most importantly for PES vets, players are still forced to use the Auto Player Switching method.

Oh well, there's always PES 5 (which will suit Konami's bank balance just fine one would imagine)

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