Kerbal Space Program 2 will continue development at a newly-launched internal studio, as announced by publisher Private Division (via

Since we acquired Kerbal Space Program in 2017, we have consistently produced high-quality content for our community, which in turn has resulted in strong growth, both in terms of new players engaging with the franchise, and our ambitions to take it to the next level,” said Michael Worosz, head of Private Division. “The opening of this new studio, whose purpose is dedicated solely to the ongoing development of KSP, is a reinforcement of our promise to bring the best experiences to our fans and players for Kerbal Space Program 2 and beyond.” Star Theory was in charge of the sequel, which was unveiled during Gamescom 2019

The new studio will be helmed by Jeremy Ables, and will bring creative director Nate Simpson and lead producer Nate Robinson onto the project. All of these people were part of Star Theory, and Private Division didn’t mention what would be happening to the developer now that its three leads have left. Additionally, a representative of Star Theory declined to comment when contacted. 

Kerbal Space Program 2 will be released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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