Imogen Donovan by on Mar 16, 2020

Prince of Persia is back in a limited-time event in For Honor

The Prince of Persia has returned, at long last, in a limited-time event in multiplayer brawler For Honor (via PlayStation Trophies). 

Titled Blades of Persia, players will be able to drop in and challenge the Prince in the Ruler of Time game mode. A sandstorm shrouds Heathmoor, wherein the character will occasionally materialise from a whirlwind, and he’s invited his gritty gang to help him take the throne. Possessing the Dagger of Time, the Prince will cut down anyone who dares rain on his parade.

Blades of Persia’s free event pass will have 30 tiers to unlock with Prince of Persia-themed goodies. The free tiers offer a new Battle Outfit, Sand Mood Effect, Emblem Outline, and 26 new Ornaments, plus Salvage, Steel, and Crates. 26 new weapons are found on the battlefield, the Ratash and Sandwraith outfits are available for 20,000 Steel, and the Prince’s execution move is purchaseable for 10,000 Steel.

The event ends on April 2, but a new game mode will roll out on March 19, with the arrival of the Dark Prince. For Honor is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the Blades of Persia trailer below. 



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