Prey 2 developer Human Head Studios is staffing up for work on a third-person open-world title set within the mystery genre.

Multiple job listings posted on the studio's website appear to reference the unannounced title which, judging by their requirements, suggest will be a AAA console release.

Two job ads ask for programmers with "experience with open world and third-person games", while another, for a Senior Writer, requests "experience crafting stories in the mystery genre" and "experience writing for video games, including Open World games".

That doesn't sound much like Human Head's troubled sci-fi first-person shooter Prey 2, of course, which still appears to be trapped in development "limbo".

None of the job ads suggest which formats the mystery game may end up on, however or when we'll see it.

Despite its troubled development, Human Head is still expected to be working on Prey 2 for publisher Bethesda. Back in October, Human Head designer Nathan Cheever said that the game "hasn't been officially cancelled, only in limbo".