Capcom is concerned that the media might get on its back over the violence in some of its upcoming games, and that some of them might even get banned.

Buried deep within its 2008 annual report is a note identifying some of the potential risks its home video game publishing business might face.

There are 10 risks detailed there, including increased development costs, its dependency on its popular series' and the second hand game market, but we thought its concern that the violence in its games might lead to local authorities banning them was of most interest.

In the list Capcom says: "Some of our popular software titles have provocative graphics and text, such as violent and grotesque scenes. Accordingly, in the event of violent incidents and other criminal cases involving juveniles, we may be subject to a smear campaign by some sections of the mass media which often point out the correlation between crime and games."

We imagine Capcom is referring to the upcoming release of the sure to be brilliant Resident Evil 5, which is guaranteed to feature generous amounts of gore, and possibly zombie killer Dead Rising on the family-friendly Wii.

Capcom adds: "Therefore, there is a risk that it may result in having an adverse effect on our business performance, corporate value and narrowed distribution channel under instructions by the relevant authorities."

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