Information taken from market research firm Intellisponse has revealed what is thought to be the first solid information on Microsoft Game Studios' Forza Motorsport 3.

A document from Intellisponse reads: "Forza Motorsport 3 (Forza 3) is a racing simulator that caters to both motorsports fans and automotive lifestyle enthusiasts. Forza 3 will offer the premier racing experience available exclusively for Xbox 360."

The document also explains that the racing sequel is to be rich with cars and tracks, so much so that "it will be sold as a 2-disc set".

Some of the game's key features include over 400 cars and 100 tracks, near limitless customisation options, online community features, real world damage, new racing modes and a powerful assist system for new players.

The Intellisponse document also suggests a number of potential DLC options, which include:

Every three months. 10 pack of new cars £3.40 and a real-world race track £3.40.

A large expansion pack released a few months post release available at retail or over Xbox LIVE - 30 new cars and a real-world track £13.60.

A year after Forza 3 is released a new updated version of the game becomes available (for example Forza 3 2010) that includes all the original content and all released DLC plus 30 of the coolest new 2010 cars and a new unreleased real-world track. It would also include the top 20 user-generated car skins and car tuning setups from the fastest track cars. All professional race cars would also be revised with their 2010 liveries. A suggested retail price is £29.99.

A special VIP membership program is available at launch that entitles the buyer to all future Forza 3 DLC, access to exclusive on-line race events and prices, VIP status on Forza Auction House and Community boards, extra server space for photos and videos, and a free month of LIVE. The VIP membership would be available for £9.99.