Nintendo has announced that Pokkén Tournament DX will be getting an ‘exciting new update.’ This update adds a recording facility to the practice mode, as well as enhancing the game’s online multiplayer features. Online Team Battles are being added, and this’ll be followed by a change to the Group Matches mode, which sets the stage for official online tournaments.

Online Team Battles allow players to team up with their mates, and each player gets to pick three Pokémon before heading off into battle. This update also introduces Official Groups in the Group Match mode, adding the functionality for official online tournaments, which will be lovely if you’re into the competitive scene and all that.

After installing the update, players can record their moves in the Free Training practice mode, which is a feature that’s a mainstay in other fighting games such as Tekken or Virtua Fighter. This mode enables players to take control of the opposing Pokémon, and record specific movesets to help improve their skills against different elemental types.

Nintendo has said it’ll be releasing more information about future updates on the Pokkén Tournament DX website later today.

Pokkén Tournament DX is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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