by on Jun 27, 2019

Pokemon Masters mobile game detailed with new video

The Pokemon Company has released a new video detailing what to expect from new mobile collaboration with Game Freak and Nintendo, Pokemon Masters.

The game, which was announced alongisde a bunch of Pokemon mobile titles last month, will take place on the island of Pasio, and will see you form Sync Pairs with your specific Pokemon, before allowing you to team up with other Sync Pairs featuring trainers from across the Pokemon games' entire history, including Red and his Charizard and their rivals Blue and Pidgeot from the very first game. Your aim will be to team up to battle other teams and progress through the story to become the champion of the Pokemon Masters League taking place on the island.

Battles will take place in 3V3 matchups, and will play out in real time and, interestingly enough, as well as the usual Pokemon moves, in this game the trainers themselves will be able to perform their own moves which will give their Pokemon buffs or have other effects. 

You can see the game's intro movie, as well as a brief explanation from some of the developers in the video embedded below. Pokemon Masters will be 'free to start' and is aiming for a Summer 2019 release window on iOS and Android, but no specific date has yet been given.



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