by on Jul 2, 2019

PlayStation makes a change to July 2019’s PS Plus line-up

PlayStation has made a last minute swap in its PlayStation Plus offerings for this month, swapping out one headline game for an entirely different one.

You may remember last week PES 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo were announced as being added to the service from today, however this has now been altered as per the PlayStation Blog, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will no longer be one of the offerings.

Instead, it's being replaced by David Cage's latest Detroit: Become Human, a story following the trials of three androids in a society that isn't quite sure what to make of them – here's Colm's thoughts on the game. Specifically, it's the Digital Deluxe Edition, which means it also comes with one of developer Quantic Dream's earlier games – Heavy Rain in the territories where it is available, and Beyond Two Souls where it isn't.

There's been no reason given for PES 2019's removal at the time of writing, but Horizon Chase Turbo's place remains unchanged. That game and Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition will be available at no extra cost for PlayStation Plus subscribers from today through until August 5.



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Detroit: Become Human

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