Bayonetta developer Platinum Games has revealed that it is in talks with western publishers interested in the team's future projects, and criticised previous publishing partner SEGA for "perhaps not [realising] how good [the studio's] games were".

"We have a lot of talks and a lot of contact with western publishers who want to work with us," Platinum's executive director Atsushi Inaba said in the latest issue of EDGE magazine.

"I think they respect us and recognise what we can do. They always want to work on very action-oriented titles, because they think we're the best action game developers in the world."

President and CEO of the studio, Tatsuya Minami added: "Whenever we talk with western publishers, it's always about something with a very heavy action style to it. Nobody comes to Platinum and asks for an RPG."

Discussing the studio's relationship with SEGA, who it signed a four-game deal with in 2008, Minami said that teaming up with SEGA was a great idea "at the time".

"And it is important to give them their due: we couldn't have made the games we did without them. There were certainly good parts and bad parts to the relationship. Perhaps they did not realise how good our games were. But overall it was the right thing to do.

"There's no doubt that we are in SEGA's debt for a few things," he continued. "Thanks to SEGA, we were able to grow as a company and we're pleased about that. So not it's time for us to do new things."

Platinum's final game with SEGA, Anarchy Reigns, was delayed in Europe until 2013, despite development being complete and the game already being on sale in Japan.

It's also working with Konami on next February's Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Nintendo on Bayonetta 2.

Beyond those projects, though, Minami says that he wants Platinum's "position in the industry to be something that inspires other independent developers when they look at what we're making, and how we constantly push and try to expand our boundaries."

He added: "What I really hope our staff, and the company as a whole, does is simple: never make a game that people don't like."

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