Pitchford on Home: ‘Shouldn’t we have it already?’

Pitchford on Home: ‘Shouldn’t we have it already?’
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Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford has expressed concern over the PS3’s Second Life style online world Home, fearing Sony is making it too complicated.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at E3 last week, Pitchford, who is responsible for upcoming multiplatform first-person shooters Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands, said that he doesn’t understand why Home hasn’t already been released and called on Sony to make it very simple and quick when it is eventually launched.

When asked what he thought about Home, Pitchford replied: “That’s neat. I want to play with it. It’s kind of weird. I don’t understand why I don’t have it yet. Shouldn’t we have had it already? When did we first hear about it? A year and a half ago? What’s the deal? I think they’re trying to bite off a lot there and make it really really complicated and I agree with some of the intent behind it, but we need a very simple, quick way to do what they’re offering.”

Home has suffered from a number of recent delays. During Sony’s E3 press conference last week Jack Tretton told PS3 fans that their “patience will be more than rewarded”. Home currently does not have a launch date, but an open beta is planned for this autumn.

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