Nintendo has announced the March 5 release of Picross 3D for Nintendo DS.

Picross 3D adapts the traditional nonogram puzzle mechanic for 3D - nonograms are grid-based puzzles that require the player to work out which squares are filled or left blank by applying logic in regards to the numbers on the side of the grid.

With Picross 3D, players chisel out various objects from a block by eliminating the extra cubes based on numeric information in the rows and columns. Over 350 objects are waiting to be discovered, each coming to life in a short animation when revealed.

Picross 3D also features fewer rules compared to Picross DS, with the game only requiring the user to apply logical rules, not to deduce which blocks might be filled or not based on contradictions by comparing multiple rows.

If the included puzzles aren't enough then you'll also be able to use the included puzzle creator to dream up your very own brain teasers. These creations can then be shared with friends and family via a local wireless connection. Creations can also be entered into an international competition via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Wi-Fi Connection can also be used to download additional content, including both new official puzzles and user-created gems.