Phasmophobia Nightmare
Ben Borthwick by on Oct 26, 2021

Phasmophobia goes camping in Nightmare update

Co-operative horror game Phasmophobia has released a new Nightmare update adding the game’s first outdoor map and more.

The Maple Lodge Campsite features picnic areas, multiple tents, a log cabin and haunted lake. The medium sized map is also said to be the game’s most detailed, with more unique objects. There’s also an updated minimap in the truck, which will come to the other maps in the future.

The new location isn’t the only addition in this update, however. All difficulties have been given a rework to make each one feel more unique from each other. Newbie ghost hunters are advised to start on Amateur with a long setup time and grace period. Intermediate offers the “standard” experience with the fuse box starting off and fewer places to hide. Those brave enough to move up to Professional will find ghosts rarely changing its preferred room after moving.

However, those truly willing to test their nerve can try the new Nightmare difficulty. This new super tough mode gives the update its name, and includes ghosts not revealing one type of evidence. Kills extend the current hunt’s duration, and some of your equipment starts off damaged.

Elsewhere, the update adds weather options, offering unique challenges on the outdoor map. The Ouija Board has also had a revamp too. In case you want even more scares, four new ghost types have also been added, with an increased chance to spawn for the Halloween season.

You can check out the full patch notes for the Phasmophobia Nightmare update over here. The update is live now in the game, currently available in Early Access on PC.


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