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Persona 5 Strikers set for an All-Out-Attack in latest trailer

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Atlus and Sega Europe have released a new trailer for the English language release of Persona 5 spin-off, Persona 5: Strikers.

Taking place six months after the events of the original game, Persona 5: Strikers sees the Phantom Thieves take a summer vacation to six different cities across Japan in order to clear a dark corruption sweeping across Japan.

Each character will have their own specific skills and Personas that can be summoned for unique attacks, and let you clear out the hordes of enemies through many Metaverse dungeons. The game released in Japan back in February of last year as Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, and don't worry if you've not played the main Persona 5 as the game's producer has reassured fans it can be played as a standalone experience.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. Persona 5: Strikers is set for launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on February 23.  


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers

on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers

Release Date:

31 December 2020