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Perfect Dark Zero confirmed as launch title for Xbox 360

Ian Dransfield Updated on by

With Rare taking the title as possibly the least productive multi-million dollar company ever, people understandably have been ripping into them non-stop. One half-decent Xbox game and a handful of GBA games is all the respected developer has released. But J Allard, master of all things Xbox, said that Microsoft’s strategy with Rare has been “very deliberate.”

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In an interview with trade magazine MCV, Allard said: “I absolutely think Rare is still in the top league of developers. The name of the game for us in this whole enterprise of console gaming we have entered into is patience – we are being very patient with Rare.” He went on: “With the products Rare is bringing together right now, we’re going to time those deliberately to do great things, and to make sure it has enough time to do the type of games Rare is capable of making.”

These words come almost hand-in-hand with news circulating that both Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo have been ‘officially’ pencilled in as Xbox 360 release titles. That would make a lot of sense, if we’re honest.

More, surprisingly enough, as we get it.