Imogen Donovan by on Feb 27, 2020

Payday 2’s San Martín Bank Heist is available now

Payday 2 has gotten a new heist set in the Mexican town of San Martín, and it comes with new weapons, colours, and mods, and a new set of outfits.

“The Payday Gang’s old associate Vlad has some personal items of immense value deposited in a small town bank in Mexico. The bank is, however, owned by a Mexican crime cartel, and what’s worse, Vlad has fallen out with this cartel. Needing to get his stuff out, Vlad contracts the Payday Gang to hit the bank,” reads the description. The heist is flexible, and may be played in stealth and loud approaches with a host of pre planning strategies. It is also the debut of the Mexican federal police in Payday 2, and brings the Federales Weapon Pack DLC, too. These are the Bernetti Auto Pistol, Czech 92 Pistol, and Igor Automatik Pistol, and work with akimbo options and full auto fire.

The second Tailor Pack DLC comprises of The Avenging Gunman, The Vicious, The Boom Bap, The Altamont, and all come in five different colours. Speaking of customisation, there are new weapon mods: Weller Barrel, Tirador Barrel, Sicario Barrel, Weller Grip, Cartel Grip, Sicario Grip, Federales Grip, Federales Stock, Tirador Stock, and Extended Magazine. And finally, weapons may be coloured in the game’s first ever Weapon Color Pack DLC. The hues on offer are Dark Green, Foliage Green, Olive Green, Sky Gray, Olive Brown, Desert Tan, Tropical Blue, Royal Blue, Steel Blue, Navy Blue, Chocolate, Prison Pink, Dark Purple, Sports Red, Rust Red, Thermal Orange, Dark Yellow, Bright Yellow, Intense Green, and Mint Green. Like a Dulux paint catalogue with anger issues, isn’t it?

Payday 2 is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch. Watch the San Martín Bank Heist below.



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