Payday 2 developer Overkill has promised fans that features absent from the initial release - including safe house customisation and a missing enemy type - will be added to the game in the future.

The developer claims that it hasn't "had time yet" to implement the features, despite the former being discussed in a trailer posted less than two weeks ago.

"We will add safehouse customization," Overkill posted on Steam. "There are many things we would love to add, but we haven't had time yet. I'm sorry if you expected a ton of customization at release."

As for the Cloakers - a special enemy type equipped with night-vision goggles - though they've "been made", they were cut from the final game because they "weren't performing their duty as a baton weilding [sic] menace."

"Does this mean we will sell them later as a 10$ DLC? No, it of course does not," the developer adds. "We will add them as soon as we are comfortable with the quality, as we have with anything we've made. I hope that this time, you trust us to deliver, as we have many times before."

Overkill also called for fans to "reconsider the way [they] behave" on its forums after "toxic" and "hurtful" comments were hurled at the developer.

"Our ambition is always to meet you with respect," said the developer. "Me, together with the crew, work very hard to be consistent and give everyone a chance to speak as long as they use common sense and a civilized manner.

"With the release of PAYDAY 2, a lot of new players have joined our community and a lot of discussions have come up. Sadly, some of the discussions made are very toxic and the arguments are cynical, on the verge to the extreme."

It continued: "Questioning our honesty is something I feel is too dramatic and doesn't add value to the discussion," the developer continued. "It can also be perceived as hurtful - myself and the crew do our best to be as straight with you as possible. To get to work and have this on the front page isn't exactly the best way to start the day.

"Secondly - what's going on in this thread? I am seeing PAYDAY veterans who've been with us from the start act like we've cheated them over?

"How many times do I need to tell you that we are doing our best to provide you the best content we can? If you think something is missing, how many times have I kindly requested a civilized manner in the discussions?

"If I go to the forums to interact with you and tell you information, bring you free content or what have you - and I'm met with this cynical type of arguments and second guessing of our intentions - how do you think I feel about coming here the next day?

"And the veterans most of all - all the new members in this forum look to you on how to discuss about possible features and new content. How are they to behave if you act in such a way as you are doing?

"You need to seriously reconsider the way you behave in our forums."

Payday 2 launched on PC yesterday, with an Xbox 360 and PS3 release due to follow this Friday.