Imogen Donovan by on Nov 5, 2019

Payday 2 is getting a new heist, Border Crossing

Overkill Software has published a trailer for Border Crossing, a new heist coming to Payday 2. 

From the looks of it, the Border Crossing heist takes place at a bar in the middle of Nowheresville, Mexico. Targeting a biker gang, the crew will deliver a world of pain to the baddies, taking advantage of the long narrow corridors and empty windows to eliminate the opposition. It seems that the federal Border Control agency will get in on the fight and will pose a significant threat with riot shields and high-level weaponry. 

And, it was revealed that this heist happens at the same time as Hell’s Island, wherein half of the team went to reunite with Bain and others travelled to Mexico to meet Locke. Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark said that he had ‘asked the Overkill crew to resume production on Payday 2’ to deliver new DLC that will be a ‘mix of paid and free updates’. The company had been placed under serious stress as its financial returns began to spiral downwards and out of control. 

In June, Starbreeze announced that it made a quarter of its employees redundant, but now it seems that things are looking up for the company. Nermark stated it had ‘reconsidered its future’, and this deliberation has led to a revival of the Payday series. The third game is expected to launch within release window of 2022 or 2023, but for the time being, players will satiate their Payday passion with a new heist for Payday 2. 

Border Crossing will be out on November 7, but an update is set for tomorrow, so doubtlessly we will get the low-down from Overkill then and there. 

Payday 2 is out now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Watch the Border Crossing trailer below. 



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