Overkill has an entire year's worth of downloadable content planned for heist-shooter Payday 2, including the possibility of introducing playable female characters.

"There's like a year of DLC planned," game director David Goldfarb told OXM while discussing the studio's plans for add-on content.

"Actually that's one of the first things I have on my list, is to make sure we get a female character," he continued. "I'm hoping - I don't know if we'll get it as our first DLC, because we'd have to redo all the animations so it doesn't look like a dude walking around with a female body. But I'd like to do that."

Payday 2 ships with four playable male characters, but Goldfarb thinks it would be "cool" to include support for both male and female characters in a future update.

"Believe me, I have said this and we've talked about it, so I think it will happen, it's just a question of when on the timeline. Because I want, like I said, I want my daughters to be able to - no, I'd need to wait a bit for that - but in theory, it'd be cool for them to mask up. I just think it'd be cool if we had both, that's all. It's definitely on our list. One of the many things that are on our list."

Payday 2's Armoured Transport DLC was revealed last week, which sees the crew of bank robbers raiding a fleet of armoured cars.

The DLC will be released for free to all pre-order customers on PC. Prices for non-pre-order customers and console users have yet to be announced.


Source: oxm.co.uk