The game is to be given more time in development to ensure that it meets the high standards set by the original game. According to the press release, the additional time will be used to fine tune the gameplay, making it more fun and of a higher quality.

"We want to ensure that all of the best features from the PC version are fully integrated into Painkiller: Hell Wars and that the Painkiller experience on Xbox exceeds our customer's high expectations for this successful brand," said Byron Gaum, Global Product Marketing Manager at DreamCatcher Games. "Too often, titles are rushed to market that fall short. DreamCatcher is committed to making Painkiller: Hell Wars a must-have title for the Xbox, and quite possibly the last great shooter on the Xbox platform."

"We know when Painkiller: Hell Wars is released later this year it will live up to the hype, and offer an absolutely unforgettable gaming experience," said Marshall Zwicker, Vice President of Marketing at DreamCatcher Games.

No new release date has been announced so it appears the game will be out when it's ready. For some early impressions of the game check out our hands on preview from February.