Overwatch Summer Games 2020 offers a Lúcioball Remix and new summery skins

Overwatch Summer Games 2020 offers a Lúcioball Remix and new summery skins
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The Overwatch Summer Games have kicked off once more, and the event is offering a Lúcioball Remix with new obstacles and bonus balls.

As always, there are a range of summery skins to snag, like Sand Castle Bastion, Surf’s Up Echo, and Karate Doomfist. Returning skins from previous Summer Games are available too, like Tulum Sombra, Winged Victory Mercy, and Fastball Zenyatta. A new Warm Up emote for Tracer is unlockable, as well as Target Practice Ashe and Vacation Ana highlight intros. 

The Weekly Challenges and according rewards are spread out over three weeks in the event: 

  • Week 1 – August 4 – August 11
    • WIN 3 GAMES – Baseballmari Player Icon
    • WIN 6 GAMES – Union Jack Spray
    • WIN 9 GAMES – Union Jack Tracer Epic Skin
  • Week 2 – August 11 – August 18
    • WIN 3 GAMES – Golfimari Player Icon
    • WIN 6 GAMES – Sand Castle Spray
    • WIN 9 GAMES – Sand Castle Bastion Epic Skin
  • Week 3 – August 18 – August 25
    • WIN 3 GAMES – Surfimari Player Icon
    • WIN 6 GAMES – Ice Cream Spray
    • WIN 9 GAMES – Ice Cream Orisa Epic Skin

And, lastly, Lúcioball Remix is a “faster, more chaotic version” of the Summer Games staple. Two balls are in play, and bonus balls worth extra points will randomly spawn around the arena. The arenas are the Busan and Sydney arenas, but Blizzard has added new obstacles and opportunities to score a stunning goal. Standard Lúcioball is also available, too. 

The Summer Games event is live now until August 25. Overwatch is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Watch the Summer Games 2020 trailer below.