Overwatch gets Xbox Series X|S enhancements in latest update

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Overwatch has received some next-generation enhancements on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S machines in the game's newest update which landed overnight.

Curiously enough, the upgrades were missing from the main patch notes page, but a post on the game's official forums noted that players on Xbox Series X|S consoles can now choose between three different visual modes: 'Resolution' which offers 4K at 60Hz on Series X and 1440p at 60Hz  on Series S, 'Balanced' that ups the image quality at the cost of resolution (1440p/60Hz on Series X, 1080p/60Hz on Series S) and 'Framerate' offering 120 frames per second at 1440p on Series X and 1080p resolution on Series S.

At the current time, there's no such update for PlayStation 5 consoles, which may be a factor as to why it wasn't mentioned on the main patch notes page, but hopefully Blizzard will offer similar upgrades in the future. For now, all formats can get involved in the PachiMarchi challenge that's just kicked off in the game, offering a bunch of cosmetic rewards including a Pachimari Epic skin for Roadhog.

The PachiMarchi Challenge Event runs in Overwatch from now until March 22. Check out a video for the event below.  


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