It's become acceptable for Wii games to look less than spectacular visually, and certainly well below the bar set by Xbox 360 and PS3 games, but it seems all developers aren't cut from the same rock.

Speaking to, Overlord: Dark Legend associate producer Dean Scott confidently stated that the upcoming Wii game "blows away just about everything else" he's seen on the console. A bold claim, but he's prepared to be held up to "internet ridicule if that's not the case".

"Overlord Dark Legend looks amazing," said Scott. "When people see this game in motion, they are going to be seriously impressed. It sounds like such a lame cliché to say 'it looks like the 360 version', but that's true. Not exactly, but it's closer than we ever imagined possible on the platform.

"Of course we've made some changes to get that level of fidelity on the Wii, but the guys at Climax have been very clever with it. In terms of looks, it blows away just about everything else I've seen on Wii," he concluded.

Overlord: Dark Legend is a brand new entry in the Overlord series made exclusively for the Wii. As the Overlord you'll be in control of teams of multi-skilled minions, hell-bent on causing mayhem as you work through a fairytale inspired story.

You'll have to wait until the summer to see if Overlord: Dark Legend looks as good as Scott claims, but for more on the game, and the companion DS game. Hit this link for the full interview.