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Overkill’s The Walking Dead console release delayed

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Overkill's The Walking Dead was released on PC last year, and was meant to be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this February, but now it won't be. I mean, you probably got that from the headline, to be fair.

Publisher Starbreeze has said it's 'currently evaluating and reviewing the performance of the game Overkill's The Walking Dead on consoles.' 

We know nothing more than that. News on when it will launch will apparently come at a later date — the last few months have been a bit rocky for the Swedish publisher. Firstly, the sales of Overkill's The Walking Dead (which I will now refer to as OTWD, because it's a lot of words, isn't it?) didn't meet expectations, then they filed for reconstruction, and then there was a raid on the office.

It's definitely been a rough time of it for the folks at Starbreeze.

Argh! I forgot to mention something else about Overkill's The Walking Dead, so that I could call it OTWD instead of Overkill's The Walking Dead. That's a shame.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

on PC

A co-op FPS from the makers of Payday.

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01 January 2018