New DLC is on the way for Payday 2, judging by a teaser page posted on developer Overkill Software's website.

The teaser (pictured above) features an image of a skull and an audio file featuring a series of sound effects, including police chatter, an alarm and gunfire. The following lines of dialogue can also be heard: "I'm dying here", "Help me up", and "Who wants a piece of the elite?".

Game director David Goldfarb also tweeted a link to the teaser with the hashtag #payday2, suggesting the tease is linked to last year's heist hit rather than an all-new project.

Goldfarb has previously suggested that plenty of post-release content is planned for Payday 2, too, revealing that Overkill had "like a year of DLC planned" for the game last August.

Publisher 505 has yet to announce what's next for the series.

Source:, @locust9