Research carried bout by Newzoo has revealed that 31 million of the UK's 60 million population are active gamers - those who spend money on games.

A massive 49 million people are active internet users.

The console (home and handheld) sector is by some distance the most lucrative, with consumers set to spend an estimated £1.6 billion in 2011. PC/Mac follows with £450 million on boxed games and £330 million on download games. £350 million is expected to go on MMOs, £300 million on mobile games, £400 million on casual websites and £210 million on social networks.

Brits spend 43 million hours gaming each day: 21 per cent of the figure on consoles, 18 per cent on social networks and 17 per cent on casual games.

Casual gaming websites are used by more gamers than any other platform - 69 per cent of the 31 million people. Consoles come a close second with 66 per cent of gamers playing console games. The average UK gamer plays on 3.9 platforms, although 18 per cent play on seven platforms.

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