Colm Ahern by on Jan 21, 2019

Over $345,000 raised for trans charity thanks to 50 hour Donkey Kong 64 stream

Harry Brewis, who is known as H.Bomberguy online, began streaming Donkey Kong 64 over the weekend to raise money for Mermaids — a charity that supports children with gender dysphoria. Brewis said that he chose Mermaids because the charity is at risk of losing vital funding from The National Lottery. Mermaids was meant to get £500,000, which would've enabled them to set up 45 groups across the UK, and that's now under threat after Father Ted co-creator Graham Linehan rallied Mumsnet users to urge Big Lottery Fund to pull the grant.

Brewis' goal was to 100% the 20 year old game, and aimed to play it for as long as that took. 'I think the normal charity thing is to go 24 hours, but honestly there's no time limit on this thing,' he said. I want to destroy Donkey Kong 64.'

And he really, really did.

The stream began on January 18, at 8:30pm, and lasted for over 50 hours. Over the course of the stream, Doom co-creator John Romero, activist Chelsea Manning, games media head Jim Sterling, voice of Donkey Kong Grant Kirkhope, and US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped on to show their support of what Brewis was doing. 

H.Bomberguy has done something absolutely amazing here, and for such an important charity. If you'd like to learn more about Mermaids, you can head to their website, and you can donate to them right here

Well done, Harry Brewis. Outstanding work.


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