Onrush has received a brand new gameplay trailer today showcasing how players can work together to rough up other vehicles in the adrenaline-pumping racer.

The idea with these takedowns is to cause as much devastation as possible, allowing your team -- Onrush is centred on 6v6 group racing, after all -- to steal the victory from under your opponents' nose. 

Onrush offers eight different vehicle types to park your backsides in, each one offering unique abilities to give you the edge in a race. For example, the massive Titan and Enforcer can easily ram opponents on the ground, while the bike-focused Outlaw class allows you to deal out punishment from above with its Slam RUSH ability.

If you're wondering if this all looks and sound a bit MotorStorm-y, well, you'd probably be right. The team behind Onrush is comprised of ex-Evolution Studios developers, the same studio behind the PlayStation-exclusive offroad franchise and DriveClub. 

There's obviously a bit of Burnout thrown into the mix to spice things up, which to be fair might work in its favour.

Onrush is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 5. 


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