Omega Five, the first of this week's new releases, is an all-new shooter featuring high-definition 3D visuals and sees players taking control of Ruby, Tempest and other unlockable characters as they shoot down the enemy onslaught. There's no online multiplayer, but a second player can pick up a controller for some local co-op play. Hardcore shmup players can also test their skills in the ++Mode which limits players to only one hit.

Also available today is Tron from Disney Interactive Studios and Backbone Entertainment. We're promised the same familiar gameplay from the original, with players able to battle as Tron against the insidious Master Control Program and his right-hand man, Sark.

The game is split into four futuristic tests of skill, including racing light cycles, battling Sark's tanks, fighting to enter the MCP cone and dodging grid bugs. Along with the original version, the XBLA edition includes an enhanced version with new graphics and sound and two-person multiplayer.

Omega Five is priced 800 Microsoft Points and Tron is available for only 400 Microsoft Points.