Square Enix has announced that the brilliant Octopath Traveler has shipped 1.5 million copies worldwide. Not only that, but a fresh game in the series, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, currently in development for mobile platforms.

The prequel game is targeting a 2019 launch in Japan on iOS and Android devices (via Gematsu). It takes place in Orsterra, and is a free-to-play RPG featuring eight-character party battles and lets you follow the story of one of three reigning champions. You can also dish out field commands, such as 'Listen,' 'Steal,' and 'Hire.' 

That's not the only thing in the pipeline, though. There's also a new Octopath game for consoles in development, though it's still a long way off by the sound of it.

'Everyone waiting for a new game on console, we’re sorry, but production will take a little while longer, so in the meantime, we hope you can enjoy [the smartphone game]!' reads the series' official Twitter account.



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